Plans for rainy days

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We have plenty of these in Bogota and I have two young kids that can't play outside when it rains... I also don't want them every afternoon and weekend in front of the tv, anyone got suggestions for things to do indoors?


Claudia_K-970681 1442731993

Theres muse de los ninos and maloka! I love them both because they are educational not just pointless entertainment ;)

Americaninbogota 1443190327

What about divercity in santafe mall? Ever been? It's great for the little ones and you can just drop them off and pick them up later of you feel comfortable with that

Lucky79 1443222201

Thanks! Great ideas so far! Keep them coming 

Maria 1445011064

Hi guys,

we actually have a page in our directory for days out with kids, several are also days in for when the weather doesn't help.

You can also check out our blog from April Top 10 plans for kids



LÍLEbog 1446719029

Good morning!

How about cooking together?

You can find some tutorials on Youtube about colombian desserts.

Kids enjoy cooking with the parents!

Good luck!


Lucky79 1447430656

Cooking is a great idea, but as my boy gets older he seems to be less and less willing to come to the kitchen... I hope the "this is girl stuff and that is boy stuff" phase goes away soon!

Any specific youtube channels worth recommending?

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