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Hi all, I normally don't write in these things but my girlfriend is pregnant, and I'm having doubts about staying in town, have any of you had previous experiences with being pregnant and giving birth in Bogota? are the doctors/hospitals any good? are we better off going back to europe for the duration of the pregnancy until birth? Any experiences and opinions are welcome, she is Colombian and taking it very calmly but I'm worrying!


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Hello New_in_Town,

First of all congratulations on the new member of your family! and second, don't stress too much, we have all the information you need to handle pregnancy in Bogota:

You can check our Information Pages, with useful articles and reliable information on Having babies in Colombia, and Bringing up Children in Colombia or our business directory of companies offering their services for pregnancy and child birth in English. There is also a category for medical professionals at your disposal

Best of luck!


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I just wanted to tell you not to worry, I didn't have my babies here by i know a few expat women who have, and it all went great!! you should get yourself a nice english speaking doctor and raising kids in this country is easy, and help is affordable so you can have someone taking care of cleaning and cooking while you enjoy your brand new baby!! :D don't worry yourelf sick about it, have a little faith!!

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Hey! Maria thank you for the links and Claudia thank for the advice. I had a moment of panic! she seems to have a good doctor who speaks English, we will go there together soon and I trust we can see the hospital and facilities ahead of schedule, and in any case we have a few months to plan. Also, apparently we will have plenty of family helping out with the baby once it's here.

Thanks Again

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