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Do any of the people here who have kids in the international schools notice them having issues settling in and adapting? My kids seem to be (one more than the other) lagging behing in his work, struggling with homework etc...Thanks


Maria 1440340553

Hi Americaninbogota,

I you check out our information pages you can find some interesting resources about student and teenage issues in Bogota.ight be a good point to start.



Claudia_K-970681 1440377268

Well if they are pre teens or teens you can expect all sorts ofdifficulties!!! :S its not too bad but part of the process they will want to do aythng but homework and will want all the gadgets and social events.... it might mean they are adjusting soically very well so they let grades slip ;)

Americaninbogota 1442129528

Well, I've gotten them some tutoring and help with their school work... I can only look forward to their teenage years... I hope it's just some normal rebelious stage and not some permanent issues from all the moving around... do you ever worry about that?

Claudia_K-970681 1442329817

I prefer to think of the positives like all they are learning from living in other cultures and how it makes us closer as a family everytime we move and start over. Soon enough they'll be away in college!!! 

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