Teenagers and cellphones!!

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Hello everybody!!! I have a question for you guys! is it normal for colombian teenagers to have iphones? my 13 year old is asking for one and saying everyone at school has one... i think she has no need for such an expensive device, back home none of the other mothers would buy their kids one just like that, the house phone works fine if she wants to call her friends after school and other than that she is not allowed ot go places on her own or take taxis or buses, so if we drive her and pick her up everywhere why does she need a phone really? but also ive seen plenty of girls with phones at her school maybe it is a thing here to get a phone that young? is it a necesity? what d you guys think? THANK YOU for your advice and opinions!!!! :)    


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Well, I had a cell phone since before I was 13 obiously not as fancy as an iphone because back then we didnt have those, but my parents always got me the latest one. It's not a big deal, teenagers like talking to friends or maybe even boyfriends and girlfriends, I think it's normal and I don't know where you are from but I've seen it in the us too. Also, don't you feel better if you can reach your kid when they are out without you? 

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COokie! Thank you for your opinion! i guess its ok to have a young persons perspectve!!! but i want to know wat other parents think, i think you can only know what its like when you have kids of your own!

thanks for sharing!!!

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hi there,

just wanted to share with you that I got both kids cell phones, one is a teenager and the other in his tweens. Their mother and I feel better if we can call and check up on them when they get home from school and we are out, or if they go to a friend's house etc.... its safer i would say. Just a matter of teaching them responsibility, or making them pay for their own bill from their allowance.

Good Luck

Claudia_K-970681 1414315569

HI!! Thanks for your tip. we ended up giving in and buying a cellphone, just nothing as expensive as and iphone, but your idea of paying for it out of their allowance is terrific! I think i might implement it ;)

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Hi Claudia_K

We actually have a section on our information pages about teenage issues when moving to or living in Colombia. It might interest you to take a look.



Claudia_K-970681 1421672410

well thanks for that! i had a quick look and it seems pretty handy!!!

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