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Does anyone know a good recruitment agent that can help me get a good job in the city?

started by: New_in_Town · last update: 1445388655 · posted: 1445082778

I am always confused about the airport tax when leaving Colombia. As a tourist I never paid this tax but when I became a resident I started having to pay... does anyone know what the exact regulation is?

started by: Iggy81 · last update: 1442370909 · posted: 1440458423

Do you guys know why it's sicy a high exchange rate? It's great if you are earning in dollars or euros but for people earning in pesos it is terrible!

started by: Mandy2014 · last update: 1438549280 · posted: 1438216236

Hi everybody, does anybody know how much taxes on property purchases are in Bogota? Also, what is the percentage agencies usually charge in this context? Thank you! Mandy

started by: Jules70-971308 · last update: 1437322942 · posted: 1436999796

Helo, I was hoping someone could tell me about Colombian tourist visas, or how long can a U.S. Citizen stay in Colombia without coming to work or study? My son just got out of a relationship and I've invited him to come down and take a few months to be with me and do something different, what kind of permit does he need? How long could he stay? He is over 20

started by: JeffH-989651 · last update: 1429528558 · posted: 1429200267

Hello all,  I know information exists on this site regarding visas, however I'm still somewhat confused given that I'm self-employed and at the moment don't conduct any business in Colombia. Started the online application process but got stuck when asked for employer names, etc. Therefore... Seeking someone with expertise in this area, fluent in English who could assist me with selecting the right application, and going through the process. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can offer. 

started by: BruceBanner · last update: 1429099956 · posted: 1428700889

Ok, so I have my business visa in place, I can legally start working now which is awesome, but what's next? I need to get my partner and small child visas as well? how easy is this? anny recommendations?

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Guys do you know what happenss if I go to the states and buy electronics (ie laptop, ipad, stereo) and bring them into the country? do I have to declare them at customs? pay something? what if i bring gifts?

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Hello, What do would you recommend: Opening a Colombian bank account or using a foreign credit card on a daily basis? From what I’ve heard credit cards are widely accepted in Colombia. How about foreign credit cards? Does anybody have experience with sending Euros to Colombian bank accounts? Is it expensive? Many thanks, Daniel

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Hi, can someone explain to me what is that tax called 4x1000?

started by: Travelbug85 · last update: 1413126413 · posted: 1412679174

Hi guys maybe some of you could give me a hand, I'm currently looking for a job but my spanish no es muy bueno. Do you know where i could find a job with no spanish requirements?

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Can anyone let me know which ATMs are there at the airport? I've a plan with my bank that allows me free withdrawals from certain arms worldwide, I need to know what's there so I can withdraw money when I arrive on the 2nd of October 

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Hi all I just wanna know if all stores and companies take credit cards or will i neeed much cash when im here? will atms and shops take foreign cards?

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