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I would like to treat my family here to as close to a traditional American holiday meal as I can.  Does anyone know of a place that sells whole turkeys?  I have not yet been able to locate a place to get one.

started by: jake93 · last update: 1455975841 · posted: 1454672763

Guys I don't know if this has been asked before, but I'm making it a bit of a quest to try all the best places around the city to drink ales/beers. So please comment with your favourite place so I can check it out!!

started by: Martin-970690 · last update: 1455727214 · posted: 1455558712

I'm trying to make a german recipe and I've been looking for Kümmel a german spice... its called carraway in english and alcaravea in spanish according to google translate... any ideas?

started by: JenniferPR · last update: 1450190440 · posted: 1448801472

Anyone out there that would be willing to give me a few cookery lessons? I will provide the ingredients if you provide the knowledge!... and I'll throw in a free bottle of wine too. I can cook the basics and am a quick learner but have this burning desire to improve my culinary skills. Can you teach me?

started by: Martin-970690 · last update: 1448800487 · posted: 1447339853

I want to buy a few cases of wine. I'm sure some of you must be wine buffs with lots of great suggestions  of where to buy... any advise? Many thanks

started by: Manta-10050180 · last update: 1447350018 · posted: 1445527496

Hi, I am trying to find a place that sells cacao and cacao butter particularly in the North of Bogota.  I want to make up some chocolate.  Actually I want to experiment with making various stuff as I miss the do-it-yourself attitude from the UK (so finding stuff like jam jars, bottling facilities, food flavourings, colourings and a bigger range of herbs than Carulla or Fruitiver carry).  My parents-in-law barely know how to cook for themselves outside the basic rice and meat, so they dont have any idea.  So knowledge any good cooking/variety stores would be much appreciated in the north or anywhere really.

started by: Claudia_K-970681 · last update: 1438439094 · posted: 1434810457

Can someone tell me an easy to prepare yet impressively-looking dish of Colombian food I can learn to impress some visitors from back home! ;)

started by: Adj0243 · last update: 1437343184 · posted: 1437188307

does anyone know of a 34 hour food and drink (alcohol) delivery service?

started by: Otto73 · last update: 1436886995 · posted: 1428700555

I'm a wine lover, and I've always wondered, in all the diversity of Colombia, has someone ever managed to grow vines and make wine?

started by: steveor · last update: 1432380924 · posted: 1427039066

Guys I'm a lover of different cuisines. I absolutlye adore all the different types of foods I've tried in Colombia it's amazing! Although I've been trying to find some authentic indian food like we have in London (curry craving) and had zero luck with it! Do any one out here nows any?

started by: Noga_Tron · last update: 1425104260 · posted: 1423496651

Does anyone know where in the city I can get NY city style bagels? I'm having a bad craving!

started by: Daniel-991632 · last update: 1424863491 · posted: 1422347378

I was wondering: Is it legally allowed to drink alcohol in the streets? Or is forbidden, as in the US? Thanks, Daniel

started by: Daniel-991632 · last update: 1423638863 · posted: 1422434231

Hello there, On my next visit home, I wanna bring something typical Colombian home. Some sort of present, ideally some (transportable) food or beer or something similar. Any ideas? Many thanks in advance, Daniel

started by: Martin-970690 · last update: 1421327103 · posted: 1411720254

Hello everybody, I guess Bogota Beer Company is pretty famous; I love theirs beers. And the places that sell this beer are usually quite nice. Does anybody have an idea, whether you can visit their brewery to take a look how they do it? I think that would be fairly interesting to see.

started by: PorschaJean · last update: 1420897469 · posted: 1419775422

Does anyone know where I can buy (red) food colouring for baking? also what it is called in Spanish? I'm trying to make red velvet cupcakes but I keep getting directed to the seasoning section where there is a spice called "color" but it tastes awful and makes everything yellow.

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Hello everyone,  I'm looking for a a nice vegetarian or vegan restaurant in the north of bogota. Any thoughts? 

started by: Silentfire87 · last update: 1419781562 · posted: 1419264729

hey I've added a classified asking for a private chef but maybe someone here can give me some suggestions. I need a private chef that's not too expensive but really good I can hire for a whole day to cook for two people for a present.  5thank you

started by: Adj0243 · last update: 1419775184 · posted: 1415362591

Where can I find almond flour in the city? I'm going gluten free and need to find a replacement for baking

started by: Travelbug85 · last update: 1419183593 · posted: 1418860690

does Anyone know of a restaurant that is open for Christmas dinner? I have visitors coming and we don't really want to cook and stay home alone. Somewhere theybserve traditional Christmas food. 

started by: StephanieUSA · last update: 1418904893 · posted: 1416403102

Does anyone know where we I can get a good hamburger? Everyone keeps saying El Corral, and it's good but fast food, I'm looking for somewhere I can sit down and have a proper sit down tasty burger and fries. I'm having really bad burger cravings. I hope you guys have good suggestions. Thanks.

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