Beer challenge! (Tell me your favourite place)

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Guys I don't know if this has been asked before, but I'm making it a bit of a quest to try all the best places around the city to drink ales/beers. So please comment with your favourite place so I can check it out!!


Maria 1454742488

This sounds like a fun challenge! If you need inspiration to answer you can check out out pub listings in our directory.

I'm going to go with Cinema Paraiso,  have a beer and watch a movie comfortably in a lovely Usaquen house.

Martin-970690 1454831415

For me it's bogota beer company Monserrate rojo it even stands up to German beers that I like so much... Didn't like the weissbier unfortunately but the red is great

Cookie92 1454998819

I like Andres carne de res!! beer is ok cocktails are better and the party there is great

Travelbug85 1455136434

I'm a BBC guy ll the way! love the place!

Spider-970682 1455530849

I like the irish pub myself... i-s conveniently located and they have BBC beer PLUS many imports for when the mood strikes.


Claudia_K-970681 1455536860

I'm more of a wine person ;) but any drink in Harry's bar in zona g is great!!!!!!

Georgethedragon 1455647512

What about chelarte? I feel they are very under rated and their beer is also great!

Silentfire87 1455653262

There seems to be a "pub" in every corner now... they all look the same and have no unique features, its some generic attempt at irish style and overpriced beer... There is a place called la hamburgueseria they have live music, good food and stay away from the stereotypical pub thing I love it

Nautilus-970686 1455715905

That is true... they are all over the place and they are all the same... the good thing is that you can alwys count on a decent beer... the bad thing is they lack personality, they are so generic! I'm all up for having a good aguila in some corner shop on a plastic chair... colombian style

StephanieUSA 1455752875

I'm all up for drinking in corner shops... bonus points for a jukebox, double bonus for tejo!

Spider-970682 1455790435

and which one of the national beers do you like best? BBC, chelarte, Club colombia, aguila, costena, poker or something else?


Martin-970690 1455870576

I prefer monserrate rojo and I'm happy I can find it more and more now in all restaurants... if not, club colombia dorada holds up well.

Adj0243 1455894292

I tried this one called apostol... i think it's from medellin, saw it in carulla... it was pretty decent, actually... they are getting quite good at making beer in Colombia and i'm happy to see many microbreweries popping up all over

FlyingDuck 1455899475

yes, you are right about that! even if all the pubs look the same... im sure in a few years there will be a proper colombian pub style

Travelbug85 1455975841

Haha I tried one in Boyaca that had flavoring added to it (chocolate and passion fruit) one of the most horrible things i've tasted in a while... so I guess the microbrewing bubble is not all great ;)


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