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Does anyone know if they have big and tall stores in the city? Apparently I'm too tall for colombian brands and i'm in need of a suit that dosn't look like I borrowed it from my kid.... and dress shoes


_Caro_ 1453569290

Have you tried a store called arturo calle? they have so many suits and I can't imagine they wouldnt have something your size... or something they can taylor to fit you

Gringo-970692 1453569833

Don't even get me started on those guys!!!! I lost a whole afternoon there!! they are really slow and speak little english and after hours and hours it turns out they don't have a size that fits me...grrr

_Caro_ 1453573627

Oh that is terrible... other than a taylor to make the suit professionally to your size i'm out of ideas

Gringo-970692 1453575606

I hate the tought of having to pay that much money for something i wear about three times a year! I miss target!!

JenniferPR 1453576357

There is a custom made shirt store near unicentro, they make shirts to measurements and their prices are so cheap! It's probably worth asking if they make suits too

Rpaul 1453652060

You could also order something from the states and have it delivered to oe of those courrier services that brings it to colombia...

Maria 1453705506

Hi Gringo,

There is also ASOS online, they deliver worldwide, even Colombia and have tall and plus sized clothes.  (Or regular sized clothes that are larger than Colombian sizes)



Doety1969 1456331384

Were you able to find your suit? I followed your advice and I'm bringing extra clothes... I'm pretty tall even for american standards... will probably struggle with colombian sizes

Gringo-970692 1456419848

I was about to have it made and to have to pay an arm and a leg for it when luckily my buddy's sister was coming from the states and (after some bribing) she agreed to bring a suit over... Ordered online to her place and got it here with the right measurements and cheap! 

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