Broke my iphone screen!

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I was making my way of the parking lot in Andino and had my keys and jacket and purse and phone in my hands.... i dropped it on the floor and the screen shattered. Of course I have no insurance or apple care or anything like that... does anyone know where I can get this fixed cheap-ish?


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If cheap is what you are looking for, definitely try Unilago... that seems to be the place for cheap tech repairs. Just take precautions and maybe clear all the data from your phone (do a cloud backup) before you hand it over to protect your personal information


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I agree with spider... if you are not taking it through apple then just bring it to unilago but it will void your warranty if you have any

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Hi BlueLemmon,

Perhaps someone in the computer repair business can help with your issue or the Mac authorized stores directly.


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You could try this guys... Sorry about your phone, it sounds like somethign that would happen to me... or better, that has happened to me.

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