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I am doing a survey and would like to know if anyone can tell me where i can find out the figures for anglophone community living in Bogota (permanent residents), I mean by nationalities (english, irish, scottish, australian, norwegian..). I have already tried the cancilleria's website but without success. Thanks,


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Send a message to all English language media in this area saying you want to advertise...Get them to send you their advertisers pack. This should contain some demographics of their target audiences. Collate them using some reasonable statistical model and cut the results in half. Hey presto! A figure within an order of magnitude. Not very good, but maybe better than a dartboard guess.

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Can you post the results of the survey please so that we might all be informed.

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I'd be interested in the figures, but of course they have to be treated with great caution.  As well as the overestimates which are to be expected, there will be people

who are unlikely to appear in the statistics. 

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As Stephany points out, there are a number of "non-resident residents" here. How many? Nobody knows, so we have to guess - although if it we were to put a number in a media pack we'd probably use the passive-voice phrase "it is estimated that..." rather than "we guess...", to imply that it was someone else's guess, and based on something more than a thumb-suck.

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You may also get some stats from the Consular authorities, which will be low as very few people bother to register with their consulates. I'd guess that if you take the average of the inflated figures provided by the media, and the understated figures which you may get from the Consulates, you’d closer to reality.

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Hi Silentfire87,

We have been using the 2013 report on immigration put out by Migración Colombia to build our infographics in our blogs. It's not as compelte or recent as one would want, since it only accounts for people who are permanent residents in the country and registered as such... but they are accurate enough and one of the best sources for this information in the country out there.



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thanks to everyone for their help. all advice very useful.

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That is private information and it is obvious that the Cancilleria won't give you that.


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Well I was talking about general statistic Data like many other countries provide... Not anyone's specifmic data

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