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Can someone tell me where to go to develop fim from an old fashioned camera? Thanks


Maria 1416157921

Hi Lucky79, 

the most common places to get film developed in the city are part of a chain called fotojapon. Their focus now is more on digital photography but it is a good first stop. 


Costello-971315 1416233604

Fotojapon does the really commercial stuff, If you are looking for quality I would suggest taking a trip to the city centre, there are several places where they do quality work for serious photographs. There is even one in the Centro 93 shopping centre around Calle 93 with 15, it's been a few year so I'm not sure 100% that it's still there.

Lucky79 1417361965

Hey! I followed your advice and got myself to the place by Parque de la 93, it went really well, however it did take me ages to find it. But you can tell it;s really well done and hand developed, and the price wasn't too bad either. It seems like here in Bogotá there aren't too many places left that still develop, what do you think? are they all going to be gone soon?

cadymv 1445875548

What is the place called?? Thank you!

thom92 1447628043

Hey Costello, you seem to have a some experience with this kind of thing. Any recommendations on where I can get some film developed and enlarged? It would be my first time doing it!

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