Good places to sit down & read?

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I was wondering if anyone had some nice places around the city where you think it's nice to sit down relax (maybe have a cup of coffee depending on the place) and read, I have some free time this week and much rather spent it out thatn in my house! 


Manta-10050180 1441362062

Museo de Chico, there is a real London bus cafe in the park.  You can have coffee in the bus or on the tables outside.  The square in Usaquen is nice, some of the places like crepes and waffles there has a nice place but you probably want to pick a quieter time to take a long coffee.

Maria 1442370156

Hi Jake93,

Museo del Chico is actually a great park to reaf and hang out, its pretty quiet and safe. Here you can find a list of parks in the city maybe you can explore others and tell us what you think.



StephanieUSA 1442418317

I like parque el country, it's really nice and well located. Not only good for reading but also for sports and meditating!

NikkyTA 1442447734

I prefer smaller parks with no name to hang out in, usually less people are around, I've even had full picnics on some. If you are bear the north berween unicentro and autopista and berween calle 122 and 116 ther are a lot of small parks in between the blocks of buildings, they are completely away from the street noise and usually well taken care of.

Lucky79 1442504892

There is a very nice park inside centro chia, its a bit of a trip from Bogota but that makes it even nicer, and there are cafes and restaurants surrounding it, it's really nice with a pond and ducks, very relaxed... students from the university nearby come here to hang out and study during weekdays

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