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guys I'm taking some vacations and going back home for a while. I really want to take something special and representative of Colombia to my friends. Since I won't be traveling with a big bag I was thinking of fairly small pieces of traditional arts & crafts. Any thoughts to were I can go buy something or where can I look into these kind of things ? Also any ideas of what could be very representative of the culture?


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You are in luck, in a few days the event called Expoartesanías will start, it's the best one stop shop for arts and crafts from all regions of Colombia setup in a fair.


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Is this in corferias? Anyone who has been there?? Is it safe to head out to that part of the city alone?

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Yes it is corferias and there is nothing dangerous about it, it's actually pretty nice...just watch out for pickpockets, use common sense and the usual bogota stuff... you should be fine

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You could always get a taxi to bring you there and another one to take you home... that way youu don't have to find parking and walk around the area too much. Not that there is anythign wrong with the are but it is a little less secure than say parque 93. Inside there is plenty of security and you should be fine. Also remember to look for discount coupons in El tiempo

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