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Hello Group, I wanted to ask a question that I feel may be perfect for this group. We are moving from the US to Bogota next month. I wondered if any of you have insights, which items you wished you would have stocked up on or remembered to bring with you on your move. I have been told measuring cups and cookbooks. Any other good ones? Thanks in advance


Claudia_K-970681 1453407316

peanut butter cups. the mac and cheese with the liquidy cheese. baking powder!! in the states its double action, so things get fluffy. Here, its only single action.

Claudia_K-970681 1453407381

And definitely bring your measuring cups and spoons if you're going to keep using your US recipes.

Sunny60 1453407446

Omg, just do yourself a favor and stock up on some herbal remedies now. I have yet to find one that sells what I want! I know they exist, but... Where?!?! It takes a while to figure out the names of everything anyways, so it would be good to have some with you when you arrive. Any basic medicines can be found in a normal drug store and it's pretty much prescription free, though. I prefer herbal stuff...

JenniferPR 1453407695

Your favorite deo and shampoo and conditioner any face masks or beauty brands you are particularly fond of!

Doety1969 1453407761

what about bakeware? I've read the ovens are smaller and I love to bake. We weren't sure if we should sell our stuff here and buy new there? Any ideas?

Claudia_K-970681 1453407813

Pans and such?? Ovens usually come with baking sheets. I had trouble finding pie plates and cupcake pans. But I eventually found solutions for that, tooIt's hard to say... What kinds of bakeware are you thinking of?

Spider-970682 1453407891

They do sell baking soda and shampoo here! It's not like you are moving to the middle of the jngle!


Travelbug85 1453408486

Ranch dressing packets. Hot sauces. Green chiles or any chile you like to cook with. Cajun seasonings. Cheetos/Fritos. Any sugar free items you like, like jello or crystal light.

Doety1969 1453408551

Oh maaaan good thinking my kids are fully obsessed with ranch dressing at the moment. I also love it.

Doety1969 1453408669

Spider - I think the point of this discussion here is not to say that living without american amenities is impossible. Chances are, after a few years, most people will have found these items locally, or will have learned how to live without them. These items that people have listed are merely "comfort" products that help make people feel a little more at home, which is especially important for little kids and to combat the stress of culture shock (new language,new traditions, new everything) when relocating.Many of these products CAN indeed befoundbut it takes a while to be able to navigate all of the stores and foreign names on products, especially if moving with 2  kids.

Spider-970682 1453408781

I just go with the flow. By the way , you are very lucky , some 20 years ago you wouldnt find half of what there is available now. also what are " american amenities ?


Americaninbogota 1453408828

Things that Americans use and eat frequently. smile emoticon if you notice, a lot of what people are listing are snacks and candies and things for baking-- the type of items people consume when they're stressed and looking for comfort. It just makes for an easier transition. Going with the flow is brilliant, but there are an overwhelming number of adjustments that need to be made at the beginning of a moveand I was greatly comforted by little things that I was accustomed to back 'home.'

Doety1969 1453408908

Thank you all for the help! If you think of anything else, please send my way

Nautilus-970686 1453409096

Bringing measuring cups seems a bit silly. Metric is really quite easy to learn, especially for cooking.

Gringo-970692 1453460961

If you are taller than 5'3 bring plenty of clothes because apparently normal sized americans are giants here!

Doety1969 1453548395

Haha Great that I stacked up on Levi's then... at 6 feet I guess I'm taller than most colombian women huh?

Gringo-970692 1453573728

your not going to find any clothes that fit you here! haha maybe bring some extra clothes for us "big and tall"gringos you could make a pretty penny

Maria 1453709845

Wow guys what a great thread full of useful advice! I also want to remind you that we have listings of english speaking businesses in the city, information about processes and how things work over here, events and fun things to do in town and our own classifieds section to buy and sell anything. These resources should help you out with the move.



Doety1969 1453772039

Thank you Maria I've been checking out the site for a while now... Found it when I found out we were moving and wanted to do research however some questions are best answered by people who have lived through it rather than by official information. 

Maria 1453811370

You are absolutely right! Hopefully the guys around here can continue to give you personal experience advice.



Nautilus-970686 1453811487

Or... you can come over and make your own experiences and see that you can find just about anything here or good enough replacements... I don't see the point in moving and wanting everything to be exactly like it was back home

Doety1969 1453812753

Well that seems unjustified... I don't want things to beexactly like they are over here but also I want to make the move and adaptation process as easy on me and my family as possible... kids miss their comforts and a little normalcy is great help when you have homesick kids... it's unfair that you make such assumptions!

Maria 1453813000

Come on guys, play nice! everyone has different opinions and experiences but lets tryto keep it nice and respectful



Nautilus-970686 1453813438

WOW! I didn't expect such a reaction... I'm sorry if I came across impolite It's difficult to convey tone in writing. I apologise If I've offended you!

Doety1969 1453813592

That's alright, I appreciate your apology... I may be oversensitive with all the stress of the move and I agree that it's hard to read the tone of a written conversation :) No harm done

Doety1969 1456331108

So, the big move is in a couple of days... I'm really nervous but excited... any last minute tips?

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