Multi cultural relationships

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I've had the worst night ever!! Just broke up with my boyfriend and I'm feeling terrible... he just doesn't get what it's like to be in a different country and away from everything you know... he says I complain too much and don't make an effort but tha's easy to say when you are in your home town with your own language and your friends and family around!! Worst of all all of my friends are his friends so on top of everything I'm alone... wouldn't it be easier just to date other expats? any insights, advice or any charitable people who want to meet up for a drink to get my mind off things?


Claudia_K-970681 1456648925

Oh! Poor thing!!!! I'm not in an intercultural elationship so I wouldn't know :(( but I can imagine the difficulties!!! Just think good thought and try to enjoy yourself and make new friends

BlueLemon-970684 1456664017

You just need to get out there and make new friends, meet new people get your own life in town... that way it takes a ton of pressure off the relationship if you guys get back together

Noga_Tron 1456669298

Oh that's terrible! I say, have a few drinks and forget about it... there's plenty of fish in the sea... if you want we can go get a drink and you can meet my friends

Cookie92 1456685134

Thanks all for writing and offering their opinion... Now I feel a little silly for sharing so much personal stuff I've just had a terrible day

Maria 1456712797

Hi Cookie92,

I'm sorry you are going through this! if you are looking for things to do and to meet new people you can find some in the what's on event guide and our forums like you already have... so good luck!



Cookie92 1456712946

Thanks come you are up so late?

Maria 1456713056

Well, right now, I'm in a different time zone ;) but I know what you are going through.. I've been on plenty of multicultural relationships myself (that was before I married my husband) and it is hard... I think they require extra work and people need to be extra patient and adaptable and willing to compromise...

What about you? can't sleep?

Cookie92 1456714006

Yeah... it's hard to sleep with all that's going on... I'm a zombie all day and up all night... nice that you are up and online

Maria 1456714209

Well the good news is I'm in europe right now so only just waking up... if you want you can message me privately and we can chat for a while...

Cookie92 1456714289

That's so nice of you!! I'll try to sleep for a bit, though I have to be at work tomorrow... er... today... but will PM you if I need someone to talk to in the middle of the night! Thanks a lot!!

Maria 1456714335

Sure, no problem! Sleep well!

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