Noise laws?

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hey guys, does anyone know what the laws are regarding noise in apartment buildings? We have a bad case of loud neighbors! I'm ussually the first up for a house party but these are very loud teenagers partying every single weekend on their terrace (conveniently located under my bedroom window) until 6-am. I'm going nuts! 


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Well if you've tried talking to them politely and asking to keep it down you can call the police and they can do anything from a fine to confiscate their stereo. Your are more likely to get somewhere for good with the owners association.

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Hi FlyingDuck,

My advice is to go to the neighbour directly, or to your landlord in case you are renting. There is a possibility to bring it up in the homeowners meetings that are ussually had in most buildings. You can also get in touch with the police at the time of the party if it's too loud, there are some schedules and legal decibel allowances that need to be respected.

Good luck


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I was reading on facebook about this... apparently the police do nthing here... do you know the exact legal course that needs to be taken? what if  they don't live in your building?

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The Police dont do much, and they cannot seem to enter if the neighbours do not answer, e.g. some edificio's do not have a poteria and there is no obligation on the residents to open the front doors.

We had this one time, we had to push the Police, who attended 3 times, but in the end they could not get into the building adjacent (illegally constructed and no porteria). We could see the neighbours turn down the music each time they answered the citifono.  Fortunately, they got bored/drunk by around 3am and quit.

Worth having a look on the Bogota Environmental pages and go through there.  The Police I have met dont really know the law so arm yourself with any legal information to help them do their job.

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Try browsing some of the online articles, I put in 'Bogota Ruido Apartamento Ley' and it came up with a Metrocuadrado site that gives more information and processes, but I am sure there are others.:


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Oops sorry for all the additional text!  That wasnt meant to happen!

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@Manta No worries, I've handled it, changed it for the links that come up when you do the search you mentioned. Thanks for your input.

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well I talked to another neighbor in the elevator... he also hears them although not as badly as I can.. apparently the administracion of the building has already given them a few memos and if i understood correctly even an internal fine, they just paid and keep going.. I've alread had to move the bedroom to the spare bedroom to get slightly away from their noise but it's still too much... what she said is that because they are owners and not renters there isi not much that can be done... it's not like they can be evicted and apparently they bribe the cops a lot...

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oh man! that sounds terrible!! How about a bb gun to their window ;) jk but it sounds horrible!!

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I know... it's such a pain in the ass! I'm pretty sure I wasn't that noisy as a teenager... then again...

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