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Hello it's me again! I've been trying to figure out how to send things to colombja from the us (so that my family can still mail me post cards and christmas cards and the occasional care package) but for all of those things you are required to write down a post code and as far as I can see there are none in colombiA... Could this be true? 


FlyingDuck 1453803861

Oh I know the whole thing is a mess... just type in 0000 or 11111 that's what I do when the form requires it and then it doesn't matter anymore. Make sure the address is well written...

Nautilus-970686 1453811833

There's not even a unified way to write addresses here... I think asking for post codes might be expecting too much. If you send things via DHL, Fedex, UPS type services it usually arrives

Maria 1453812484

Hi guys,

There actually is a postal system implemented in town, it's rather new and not so well known but you can find more information about it here.



Martin-970690 1453883447

oh! I was told there was no such thing... I did send a postcard from germany and it arrived... took about three months but it got here

JenniferPR 1453884520

It's not very widespread is it?? I can't believe I've been living under a rock and didn't find out about this information... everyone I know seems to think like I do that ther is no such thing as post codes in colombia

Maria 1453942706

Well our information page has been up since the begining telling about it, but even researching it it took us a moment to find all the right information. Plenty of locals don't really know about the post codes and few use them but they are there... and wouldn't it be awesome if the system got well known and used and we would stuf suffering everytime we want to send something by mail?



Travelbug85 1454404604

So if we order things from abroad and put in this postal code it will arrive? do we use it for Fedex and UPS as well?

Travelbug85 1454404848

What I want to ask if it's internationally recognized by delivery companies or just something made up in Colombia

Maria 1454669655

It is actually a recognized thing from what I've read, it's a fairly new inniciative and sme public-private partnership type of thing for a national post service.

You should be able to put your post code into a delivery service and have it help your things arrive.


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