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ok,I give up leasons are not my thing but I need to crack the Spanish language to improve my career opportunuties. Does anyone know if a good app to learn this language onbe and for all?


ioleary 1433700481

HI! I've been using Duolingo recently and I think it's great! it might be a bit easy at the beginning but it has really fun ways of learning, and loads of goals that you can fill up! Also you can set reminders so you won`t forget to use it!



Silentfire87 1433767829

I use babbel and love it, you have to pay every month but it's really good and it's all conversational, no grammar and other difficult stuff it just gets you talking!

Maria 1433855694

You can always find Spanish classes and courses in our business directory or you could also try learning Colombian Spanish with EAN.



Daniel-991632 1434458120

I find that Babbel is a bit limited. At the beginning it's really great, but anything beyong A2 they don't really cover. I guess it's because they focus on German and English.


Chloe83 1436869580

Guys thank you for the recomendations! I tried duolingo but it seems a little basic and repetitive for me... babbel seems ok except you have to pay monthly....maybe i'lll give it a go for a month and see how it goes

jake93 1447608741

Chloe any thoughts on Babbel? I'm trying to find different ways of practicing my spanish. Would love to hear your thoughts about it!

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