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Hi everybody, my computer has been refusing to boot after the Windows 10 upgrade. I've already tried to troubleshoot everything (memory, hard drive, motherboard, ...) but still nothing. Luckily I've got a second computer. Anyway, does anybody know somebody or has a recommendation for a trustworthy computer repair shop (around Usaquen or so)? Thanks much,Daniel 

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Hi there, I'm wondering, is it normal to have to pay 200,000 peso for monthly electricity bill? Thank you

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Is Colombia the country with the most holidays in the world? does nayone know why so many? don't get me wrong I love having every other monday off to be with my wife but its so difficult to get things done!

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Hello forum, how does it work with health insurence in Colombia, I mean when move over from Europe? Do I have buy I private one? Any help is appreciated!

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Hi! Guys do any of you happen to know if there is any coffee plantation near to Bogotá? Maybe 2 hours away top. I really don't have the time to go all the way to Manizales or Pereira. Do you think there might be any farms that allow people to go in and have a look?   Best.

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Hi everybody, I'm having friends over as of the weekend visiting me, and I thought I would take them up to mount monserrate, also because I haven't done that by myself so far. However, one of them has a latent suffering from vertigo (fear of heights), so I was wondering if anybody used this cable car already, and if so, how shaky and steep the experience will be? Thanks much,Daniel

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Hi Guys! I was wondering, do any of you know about any skate parks around the city?? or some parks that are nice for skating. Also, if any of you know about any stores that I can get long boards, penny boards, wheels, etc.  Cheers !!

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What would you guys think are the main cultural faux pas here in Colombia, or specifically in Bogota in social and business environments? I'm a big, loud, foot in my mouth kind of guy

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Hi, Is there any 24 hour internet, printing or photocopying shops in the north?. 

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i have a terrible toothache, does anyone know if this is covered by eps and what I need to do?

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i know it's a little early but I like to get a hold on things with plenty of time for mistakes, missed deadlines and misunderstandings (the glory of not mastering the local language). My little ones will start school in august, and I need to get them clithes for school. Not the uniforms, those I got and they wear twice a week I think, but the clothes for other days. wjat are the best shops for kids clothes? Not too expensive because they grow out of them too quickly!

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Just had a conversation in Facebook with someone asking about replacing her driver's licence after being pickpocketed, and thought this information might be useful to you guys: Regardless of the reason for not having your drivers licence you have to pay $114.000 for the duplicate, the photos are taken there, you need your ID so probably want to do the cedula first. You also need to be registered in the RUNT and have no pending tickets. I recommend the office I use for speed but here is a link with a map of all the offices they have. The RUNT is some computer system where they keep track of people, you can check in this link if you are registered (you probably are if your license is relatively new)  with your cedula number you can check. Most likely the temporary contraseña they give you when you apply for a new cedula will do.

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hello all. I've had this debate a couple of times this weeks already so i thought I'd ask you opinion on it. Are Torrents and streams (movies, music etc) legal in Colombia? Are they illegal but no one cares or does anything about it? Is it allowed? 

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One of our users emailed me directly earlier in the week asking the following question: "I would like to declare a crime with the Colombian police against a shady travel agent. However, it is hard for me to find the right organization and e-mail address. Could you please inform me how I can contact the (tourist) police?" I thought it was important to put this information out there for other members, so here is my reply: I believe the best approach to report a shady tourism agency is through the Ministry of tourism, you can find their contact information and procedures here: http://www.mincit.gov.co/minturismo/publicaciones.php?id=15846They will probably be the most qualified to direct you in the best approach. If you would like to hire an English speaking lawyer you can consult our directory for a selection and they might be ideal in assisting you through the process if you wish to pursue a suit.

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Hi Guys! I was wondering if you know any places where I can go get secondhand cameras, lenses and different sorts of equipment. I'm trying to buy a 50mm lense for a sony camera at the moment (I placed an ad in the wanted section) but would also love to hear if any of you knows any good stores!   Cheers!

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Hi,  I am looking for used records (vinyls) in Bogota. I am interested in old school Colombian music (cumbia, salsa, tropical)  from the 60's and 70's. Are there markets or special areas where records are likely to found?

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Hey, can anyone tell me what the deal with the food trucks is? I saw a bunch of them in a parking lot near parque 93 but I'm not sure how often they meet or if they go around the city all the time does anyone know?

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So it finally happened, I got pick pocketed and Im now without my wallet... Luckily I didn't have too much cash in there and I called my bank and cancelled my cards straight away. What else am I supposed to do? Report to the police? Get a new ID? Drivers licence? Anyone had this issue before?

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Wondering if anyone from the Toastmasters group participates in this discussion group...Have sent a couple of emails over the past two months - including one linked from this sent - expressing interest in joining, and haven't received any replies. Does anybody have any insights, suggestions? Thanks. 

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Hello people, I'm a huge fan of Amazon. Unfortunately, there is no Amazon in Colombia :-( Anybody aware of an alternative? Thanks much,Daniel 

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