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My friend has a few hours layover in Bogota, I wanted to show her a bit of the city but we can go around with her bags, are there lockers in the airport? 

started by: Daniel-991632 · last update: 1428428129 · posted: 1428049311

Hello everybody, opening hours now with the approaching Easter holidays seem to be quite random here ... are there any general patterns concerning restaurants, shops, clubs, etc.? So that activities can be planed a bit better... Thanks much,Daniel 

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Hi folks, I was wondering if any of  you is aware of any publications about culturar, entretainment events that go on in Bogota. I would like to know about more events happing around the city. It could even be something like "Time Out". If any of you has a prefered one do let me know!

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Hi, can anyone offer a recommendation on temporary offices (business centers)?. This is the type of service where you get furnished office space with a receptionist, local IT support, etc. Similar to Regus in the US. I know that Regus is in Bogota, but I would like a few options for a staff of 8-10 (locals + expats) Thanks

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Hello, I moved to Bogotá fairly recently with my family, and I'm trying to get my daughter (10) a bit more involved with extracurricular activities. I was wondering if anyone out there knows a good place or tutor that teaches music. I would prefer it if its a bilingual person teaching that way she can learn in Spanish, but if necessary also be able to communicate in English.   Kind Regards, N.

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Hi Guys do you know any good places where I can take some photography lessons? Nothing major porably once a week! If you know any places that you would recommend I would highly appreciate it!

started by: Daniel-991632 · last update: 1423146510 · posted: 1422346415

Dear all, I’ve got a diner invitation and I’m not sure which kind of (small) present would be appropriate. Is a bottle of wine ok when the hosts (Colombians) are some sort of acquaintances from business? Daniel

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I’ve noticed some changes on AngloINFO – what’s going on? Well spotted! We’ve just released a new section called AngloINFO Property. It’s currently in beta (testing) mode so we’ll make a big announcement in the next few days when we’re confident that everything is working exactly as it should. In the meantime, feel free to look around and use it, and if you come across any issues, just let us know.  What is AngloINFO Property and why should I be excited about it? AngloINFO Property is the name of the new property section on AngloINFO. Here, you can search through hundreds of thousands of properties to buy and sell, to find the one that’s perfect for you. You can access the new AngloINFO Property section from anywhere on AngloINFO by clicking on “Property” in the top navigation bar. In the new section, we’ve been able to introduce some great new features like Google Street View, Google Maps showing local amenities and email alerts for properties matching your search criteria. We’ve also improved the overall experience with more (and bigger) images and the option for related documents (such as floorplans) to be uploaded to the property listing. In addition, we have lots of Information Pages about buying and renting property to help you base your decisions on reliable facts. We’re pretty excited about all of this – and we hope you are too!   Does this apply to Holiday Property as well as Residential Property? Yes! In AngloINFO Property you can search for (and advertise) holiday rentals as well as properties for sale and rent.    What will happen to property ads in the Classifieds? They remain unchanged for now but over the next few weeks they will be phased out as the functionality of the new AngloINFO Property section allows you to do so much more.   What’s the best way for me to find a property to buy or rent, or a holiday property to rent, on AngloINFO? The new AngloINFO Property section has hundreds of thousands of properties all over the world for you to choose from, so we’d recommend you start your search there. Until we move all of our existing property classifieds over, you’ll still find some great properties in our Classifieds section too, so be sure to look there as well so you don’t miss anything.  Why can’t I add a new Classified to the Residential Property or Holiday Property categories? The new AngloINFO Property section offers many more features to help market your property effectively. Over the next few weeks we’ll phase out properties from the Classifieds altogether, so we’ve switched off the option to add new ones. We hope that you’ll advertise your property via AngloINFO Property and see the benefits for yourself.   I have a live Featured Classified on AngloINFO - what will happen to it? If you have a live Featured Classified, it will still show in whichever Classified category you paid for it to appear in. If your ad is still live when we switch off the property classifieds, we’ll migrate you over to the new AngloINFO Property section – but don’t worry, we’ll email you in advance to let you know what will happen. If you’d rather move your property ad to the new AngloINFO Property section now, just contact us and we’ll be happy to help.   What will happen to existing basic Classifieds? We hope that people with basic Classifieds will decide to advertise their properties in the new AngloINFO Property section! Eventually, existing basic ads will disappear when we switch off the property sections of the Classifieds but we’ll email everyone in advance so that they know what to expect.  

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Hi, Any vintage clothing shops in bogota  (I mean retro style not second handed) Thanks  

started by: Martin-970690 · last update: 1422280253 · posted: 1407739543

Dear Forum, Can anybody recommend a reliable phone provider? I'm currently using Uff-Movil, which is quite a disappointment since it gives me edge only and never 3g. Thanks, Martin

started by: Rpaul · last update: 1422191246 · posted: 1412679504

Hey there, is anyone up for a beer on Sunday or (even better) on Monday evening? I moved to Bogota a few weeks ago and it'd be nice to hang out. (And I'd really like to improve my English )

started by: Americaninbogota · last update: 1421489984 · posted: 1411050476

I've realized that the more I wave and gesture for them to not do it, they more eager they are to come close and "clean" my windshield, and then I feel obligated to give them money. Is there any way to avoid these encounters?

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any thoughts in buying mobile phones from places other than mobile network operators (claro, tigo, etc) ? is it just the same, or better deals?

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Hi does anyone know if i can exchange a present in a colombian clothes store without the receipt? it was a present and obviousl they didnt give it to me with it! but it doen't fit... should i try to exchange it or just re gift it?

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Hi,  Do any of you guys have any experience with clubs that play techno music (and that is safe to go to)?     

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From everyone here at AngloINFO Bogtotá we wanted to wish you all happy holidays and happy New Year!  

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Hi guys, Could anyone here explain to me how the xmas present situation in companies is? Am I expected to get everyone a present? or no one? or just my close co workers? how does it go? it is a very international place but we do have Colombian staff and I dont wanna commit any faux pas Thanks

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Are you as concerned as I am about the plastic rubbish, including the ubiquitous plastic water bottles, that we see everywhere?  If so, join the global campaign to do something about it! If everybody does a little, a lot will be achieved.  http://www.thepetitionsite.com/656/074/365/pledge-to-clean-up-some-plastic-rubbish-every-day/ Thank you.

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Hello hello, is it legal to buy and use fireworks in Colombia, for new years eve? If so, what are the best places to do so, especially price-wise? Best,Martin

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I'm living close to Parque 93 and I need to replace my passport. I'm from the UK but when  I google where to get my photo taken, all the information is about passport photos for the US and they have different size and requirements. Has anyone renewed their passport in the consulate in Bogota?

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