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Expats are a naturally intrepid and resourceful bunch. You have to be pretty adaptable to thrive in another country and have a sense of adventure to get you through the daily challenges. But even the most resilient expat needs something to remind them of home. Whether it's a childhood teddy bear, a particular brand of comfort food or a favourite TV programme - wherever in the world you live, it's nice to take a little bit of home with you. Along with our friends at British Corner Shop, we're offering you the chance to win 12 months' of shopping* so that you can order some of these #homecomforts direct to your front door. The winner will receive a £100 voucher every month to spend in British Corner Shop. You don't have to spend a thing to redeem your voucher and you can even use it to cover shipping. British Corner Shop don't just stock British goodies - Aussies can get their hands on staples like Vegemite, Kiwis can stock up on Milo and for Americans there is beef jerky and maple syrup galore. There are Scottish and Irish products too and there's even a Christmas shop for stocking up on goodies for the festive season. What better excuse to start filling your cupboards with familiar favourites such as Marmite, Heinz Baked Beans, Hershey Kisses, haggis and soda bread mix! How to Enter To enter this fabulous competition all you have to do is to share an interesting, surprising, funny or heart-warming picture of yourself with your own particular home comfort on our Facebook or Twitter Pages, along with the #homecomforts hashtag and a brief description of what your home comfort is and where you live. Make sure your entry reaches us by midnight (UTC) on 29 October as we'll select and announce the top five entries on 30 October. Then it's over to a public vote on our social media channels to decide on a winner! Voting will close at midnight (UTC) on 5 November. Your home comfort doesn't have to be a type of food - it can be anything that reminds you of home. Need some inspiration? Watch our competition trailer...

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I'm searching for a band practice room to rent/share, if anyone has one or knows someone could you put me in touch please?? Thanking you! S.

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Hi does anybody go away for Xmas and rent out their apartment ? got people coming over and it would be nice if they had a space of their own (I live in a small place) but not too pricey.

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I had posted originally in the thread about going ot penalisa in the cars and driving section, but apparenty it was the wrong place so ill start a new thread here and paste my previous post: How do you guys feel about those places? It seems like it is "the thing to do" in Bogota to have a second house here and there. Don't get me wrong I see the appeal of going to warmer lands over the weekend but are these places worth the amount of money they cost, and all of the maintenance?

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Hello everyone! I have a question for the forum: plenty of people at work seem to have one form or another of personal security (ie. Bodyguards, armored cars, drivers) I'm wondering if this is a neessity for all expats in the city? I mean, I want to take care of my family but we never had any of this back home, what are your opinions and experiences? Thank you in advance for your input!

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Hi, I'm trying to find guayabera shirts in bogota, I'm goignt o need more than 50, I'm looking for good quality ones. cheers

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How to dial from a landline to a cell phone? and from a cell to a landline?

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