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So after quite a lot of sweat and tears to get my visa, now they need the blood part for my cedula.  I don't know my blood type and have no idea where to go to get the test done.  I live in Chapinero and work on calle 90, so anywhere near/between the two would be helpful.   Cheers

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hi guys I was wondering whether you could help me, I have a fancy event to go to and I would like to get my hair styled. Could you please recommend a really great place to do this that isn't too expensive but is also good quality?

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I'm worried about this Zika disease!!! It even made it into the news back home and I've been getting calls from people!! Is it really dangerous? What do you think should I send the kids to their grandparents for a while? How are you Handling it?? 

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Hello I'm in need of a little touch up... does anyone know of a goog place to get some botox treatment? not super expenive but really good and with high standards? any personal recommednations are welcome  

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I have been living here for a bit but luckily never been sick before... so anyone got recommendations on good English speaking doctors? Looking specifically for a dermatologist, allergy doctor, obgyn and chiropractor Thanks!

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Can anyone recomend a good orthopedist as a matter or urgency?

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Hi everybody, I'm planning a trip to the coffee region (Manizales, Perreira, Armenia, Salento, ...), and I'm wondering whether special caution is necessary regarding drinking tap water?! Is it as safe or should one avoid drinking it, especially in the very rural areas? Thanks much,Daniel 

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Accidentally posted in the Sport & Leisure discussion, so putting it here (and not sure how to delete from the other discussion)... I´m looking for an outdoor 400 meter running track in the city. Any suggestions? Thx. 

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Hiya! Can anyone recommed a good place to get a Facial or a good Esthetician in the North? cheers,

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Hiya, Can anyone recommend a good masseuse? 

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So I've heard from a friend of a friend that there are manicurists that come to your house to do your nails has anyone here had experiecne with that? Is it safe? is it good? how does it work?! do you get like a contract or just have them come? and can you recomend someone? preferably who speaks english ;)

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Dear Forum, I'm looking for a decent gym/fitness club in the north of the city. It should offer a variety of machines and a pool with long lanes would be nice. Any recommendations? Regards, Martin

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I love running! I'm used to run pretty much everyday either in the morning or during the evening after work. I've recently moved to Bogota, and was wondering if there are certain hours/places I should avoid. I live near the 93 park, so I've been running around that area during the morning (5:30 am) recently. I would love to hera your thoughts on this!

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so, I'm going to a hairdresser next week, which is kind of scary! and I have a few of questions: How would you say 1. "I want it  "feathered"? 2. "I would like it thinned out" 3. "I want long layers" 4. "I want warm-toned highlights" I'm pretty certain that these won't be direct translations and I don't want to come out looking like road kill!!

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