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So after quite a lot of sweat and tears to get my visa, now they need the blood part for my cedula.  I don't know my blood type and have no idea where to go to get the test done.  I live in Chapinero and work on calle 90, so anywhere near/between the two would be helpful.   Cheers


Maria 1431021334

Hello Cavaleiro,

You can get the blood tests at any of the larger laboratories, you can fin them here. Also, there are usually smaller laboratories (no English guaranteed) near the registradurías, who specialize in getting these results for the cedula, alongside with photos and the full cedula service. Off the top of my head I remember a couple near registraduría de Usaquen (calle 118 one block west of avenida 7).

Best of luck!


Georgethedragon 1432855596

Hey, did you manage to find a good place to get your tests done? 

cavaleiro 1434536534

Sorry for the late reply, but yes I did. There is a chain of Labs across the city called Analizar ( and it was done within the day. Very easy


Georgethedragon 1434549218

Thanks for the tip, since I was robbed I´m in the middle of the painful task of re issuing all my documents... ughh

Anna-Aguirre-856618 1460976058


Thanks for sharing this. I have seen the related videos from youtube.

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