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I am looking at information on house building here in Bogota

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So, Im re doing my place one room at a time and now it's come to the kitchen... I can't decide if I should use gas (that is what is currently installed) or switch to an electric glass top stove... any experiences and advice is very welcome...

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Does anyone know if you need special permission to build a pond in your back garden? We want to get some nice fish to get the kids involved in taking care of pets, the question is whether the fish will have somewhere to swim! Many thanks in advance!

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We are soon to be moving to Bogota on a permanent basis and are reviewing what we should take with us and what to bin. With the regard to electrical appliances which are worth keeping and fitting with a colombian adaptor (are there any voltage differences)???? The items we are looking at keeping are : TV (this will be hooked to colombian cable) will it work???Stacking sterio hi-fi systemKettleToaster2 Laptop computers1 Desktop computer1 PrinterA variety of lamps etc. Any advice or experience of doing this gladly accepted!! TIA

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Hi everyone! I'm new in town along with my husband, he is working here for a while and we were hoping to get out of the hotel and into a semi permanent place. We found a flat with a six month contract and we need to furnish it. Since I don't know how long we will be staying (6 months for now but might be longer term) I don't want to go out and buy all new things that we might need to get rid of in a few months so I'm looking for second hand furniture to get started. Does anyne have some for sale or knows where I can find some? Many thanks

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Dear all, I have been having severe problems with the wifi in my appartment. I guess it's because there are just too many wifis from the other flats nearby, so there's too much overlap. I wanted to change the channel of my wifi in the router, but if I understood my provider correctly that's not allowed. Any experiences with that problem?

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What´s the deal with this store? It was recommended to me and all I see is an IKEA copycat with prices twice as high... why is there no actuall IKEA in Colombia?

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hi, im moving out on my own, i want to rent an apartment and maybe down the line get a room mate, can you tell me what i should expect? What the avrage rent is like in bogota, is it easy to get a place as a foreigner etc..

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looking for a property manager that handles the Bosa area.

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I've just settled in in my new apartment, and it has a chimney. Ive been dying to use it, but was curious where does one go to buy wood? reasonably priced wood?

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Dear Forum, I’ve no clue how the Colombian housing market works: If I want to rent a flat, do I need an agency or is there a chance to find something in the open market? Also, how “tight” is the housing market in Bogota? Is it difficult to find something in general? Thanks, Daniel

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I would like to start an orchard in my garden, however I don’t know what will grow in this altitude/weather. Any suggestions?

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Hi all! Ive been thinking about how much i miss blueberries and how expensive they are here, that is if i can even find them. Do you think if i bought seeds and planted them they would grow? i dont know about the climate and altitude. THank you!!!

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What is the Spanish name of the blue flowers in the sidewalks around the city? I want to make a present with them but don't know how to ask the florist or even how to google them. :)

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Hey, I have some electric appliances (mostly decorative) from the UK and I'm thinking of bringing them into Colombia, I just wanted to know about the electricity here. I know the power outlets are differet but would a store bought adapter sufice? Would I need a transformer? Thanks for your help. George

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Good day everyone! I was directed to this forum by a colleague, I've moved to the city with my wife and three kids for work. Well I'm already here, they are coming at the end of october, and I need to have everything setup for them. I wanted to know about heating, as far as I can tell it gets pretty chilly here at night but houses don't have central air or heating, we will be living in a rental so I don't think I should pay to install it in the house, what do you guys do? is it worth buying portable electric heaters? or will blankets do the trick? I appreciate your help and experience

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Hi guys! Well this one is a little awkward to ask, but I guess maybe one of you might have the answer; is it ok to flush toilet paper? I've lived and stayed in places in Latin America where flushing toilet paper would cause a major collapse in the septic tank. Could any one explain how it works in Bogota?

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