Alternatives to central air and heating

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Good day everyone! I was directed to this forum by a colleague, I've moved to the city with my wife and three kids for work. Well I'm already here, they are coming at the end of october, and I need to have everything setup for them. I wanted to know about heating, as far as I can tell it gets pretty chilly here at night but houses don't have central air or heating, we will be living in a rental so I don't think I should pay to install it in the house, what do you guys do? is it worth buying portable electric heaters? or will blankets do the trick? I appreciate your help and experience


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We live in a house up towards the mountains and it does get chilly! I guess you could install some electric heating system, but we find that none of the people from here do..... we will turn on the fireplace and have electric blankets just in case ;)


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Hi Americaninbogota,

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