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Hi all! Ive been thinking about how much i miss blueberries and how expensive they are here, that is if i can even find them. Do you think if i bought seeds and planted them they would grow? i dont know about the climate and altitude. THank you!!!


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Hi Claudia how are you?

I know that there are some blueberry plantations in the sabana outside bogota, so i don't see why you couldnt plant them. The only problem i can think of is getting the seeds, maybe someone can send you some...


Americaninbogota 1410874213

Hello Claudia,

I'm new in town and my family is moving here with me in a couple weeks, I was wondering, did you find out/try out the blueberries? I know my wife would like to know, we have a garden in the place we'll be moving into and she enjoys gardening and growing flowers and fruit plants, I think it would be great to have blueberries handy for pies and jam ;)

Thank you for your time and answer

Claudia_K-970681 1410964344

Hi!!! Well i looked it up and gt some information here on the forum and actually you can grow blueberries in bogota!!  now i/m just looking for someone who has small plants or seeds for sale, i'll keep you posted when i find them :)

also, bienvenido a bogota!!

Americaninbogota 1410967499


Thanks for your warm welcome, and I'm looking forward to hearing about your blueberry plants, I'll keep an eye out for plants or maybe see about bringing seeds from the states.

Americaninbogota 1413991073

Hey, I was reminded of you today, I met a lady who claims she can get small blueberry bushes, if it pans out i'll let you know so you can get some for yourself.

Till later

Claudia_K-970681 1414315137

YAYYYY!!! I can't wait to hear from you! let me know as soon as you know something! thanks for remembering me!! :)

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Hi guys,

If you need further help with the plants in your garden you can check out this list of professional english speaking gardeners in Bogota.


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