Building a Pond

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Does anyone know if you need special permission to build a pond in your back garden? We want to get some nice fish to get the kids involved in taking care of pets, the question is whether the fish will have somewhere to swim! Many thanks in advance!


Georgethedragon 1449591285

I can't imagine why you would... it's your property you can build anything you want in it... If you live in a  building or closed community you might have to run it by the neighbors association but no need to involve the authorities

Lucky79 1449752842

You should probably check with the horizontal property manager... sometimes pesky neighbours can cause trouble... this only if you live in a "Conjunto residencial" If its a standalone house you can do whatever you want, it's not like it requires proper construction


Maria 1450268832

Hi Americaninbogota,

If you have decided to go ahead with your pond, you can look into our directory to find English-speaking home improvement professionals to help you out.



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