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We are soon to be moving to Bogota on a permanent basis and are reviewing what we should take with us and what to bin. With the regard to electrical appliances which are worth keeping and fitting with a colombian adaptor (are there any voltage differences)???? The items we are looking at keeping are : TV (this will be hooked to colombian cable) will it work???Stacking sterio hi-fi systemKettleToaster2 Laptop computers1 Desktop computer1 PrinterA variety of lamps etc. Any advice or experience of doing this gladly accepted!! TIA


Maria 1448961641

Hi Theinder1957,

This page contains the specific information about electricity and plug types in Colombia, I'm sure other users will give you their advice on what has worked for them.



Spider-970682 1448965411

Voltage and frequency are not the same as UK, so all your appliances will work here but you will need to replace your UK plugs with the Colombian ones and get transformers for those who are not set for 110-220.

TV and video presents a problem in that the Colombian along with a few other countries use a different system to PAL called NTSC, it depends on how old they are to determine if this is a problem.

As far as all your other appliances are concerned, keep them.


Theinder1957 1448965530

Thanks Spider, that's really useful.  Sounds like we can keep most things.


Travelbug85 1448976314

This topic reguarly comes up!

Unless your television handbook specifically states that your TV will pick up (which if it was purchased in the UK is unlikely) IT WILL NOT WORK on cable TV in Colombia...in All the rest of your domestic equipment requires the plug to be changed and looking into the voltage... if some of this equipment is on its last legs - don't bother to bring it down - its cheaper to buy here than the UK !!

Theinder1957 1448977609

Thanks Travelbug

OK - anybody interested in a UK TV set in excellent condition? ;)

Gringo-970692 1448980292

The voltage is quite different between Uk and Colombia, not only the plug!  Normally for transformed and regulated devices (anything electronic), this makes no practical difference.  But for non-transformed thermal devices (heaters, irons, kettles, toasters, etc.) the effect is that you lose quite a lot of thermal power.  As power is given as a function of voltage squared and the voltage is down from 220 to 110

Nautilus-970686 1449041853

The voltage difference can be clearly seen in the way that a kettle imported from the UK can take ages to boil....So, my advice would be to advertise the toaster and the kettle along with the TV!

Gringo-970692 1449042612

Water boils at a lower temperature at higher altitude due to decreased air density.  I don't think distance from the equator has anything to do with it.

Theinder1957 1449042891

Have decided on balance that we should stay in the UK what with the water boiling and toasting problems - it's simply not worth the risk...Thanks for the alerts!


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