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Hey, I have some electric appliances (mostly decorative) from the UK and I'm thinking of bringing them into Colombia, I just wanted to know about the electricity here. I know the power outlets are differet but would a store bought adapter sufice? Would I need a transformer? Thanks for your help. George


Maria 1416157619

Hi Georgethedragon, 

there are differences between the electricity standards in the UK and Colombia, starting by the shape of the outlet. 

You can read more about it on our information pages here: 


Any further questions, id be happy to help.


Silentfire87 1417110581

Hey George you can buy a power adaptor, they sell them in most chain stores and diy stores, even electricians. With that your appliances should work, however i once brought some lights over that I bought in Parice and the light was looking very dim, could've been the bulbs that needed to be changed to the local standards (?) In any case, my curling iron and straightening iron (for hair) work fine here with the adaptor.

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