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I've just settled in in my new apartment, and it has a chimney. Ive been dying to use it, but was curious where does one go to buy wood? reasonably priced wood?


Maria 1416492417

Hello _caro_

In Bogotá, a safe bet to find firewood is one of those chain DIY Markets, here is a list of the ones in the city.



_Caro_ 1417025752

Maria! thanks for the tip, got the wood and some christmas decorations there, who would've thought?

Otto73 1423494294

Are you still looking for wood? we had to take down an old eucalyptus tree because the roots were wrecking havock, and we have plenty of eucalyptus wood and pine cones, it smells great in the fireplace. Happy to give you some.

Daniel-991632 1423638729

Interesting! It would have never occured to me to use eucalyptus for the fire. Can you buy this kind of wood someplace?



Otto73 1423653955

Well nor in common supermarkets but out of the city maybe. I've seen it in a few places where they have the old trees that need trimming or to come out entirely. Otherwise the simple pinecones already give a great scent to the house when you throw them in the fire. I still have some wood if you want it, you would have to come pick it up.

_Caro_ 1424098680

Sounds interesting! If you still have some, I'll take it for sure thanks! Send me your contact privately? I can pick it up in friday. Thanks! 

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