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Hi guys! Well this one is a little awkward to ask, but I guess maybe one of you might have the answer; is it ok to flush toilet paper? I've lived and stayed in places in Latin America where flushing toilet paper would cause a major collapse in the septic tank. Could any one explain how it works in Bogota?


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Well, in Bogotá in every major place (restaurants, malls, hotels, and most homes) it should be fine to flush the toilet paper, I never had had a bad experience. Although when they dont want you to throw the toilet paper in the toilet there's usually a sing (in public places of course). Hope this helps! a tip thoug, if it looks like an old, run-down small toilet it's proably best to throw it in a bin! 

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Oh my Gosh! I just realize that I didn't even explain myself properly, I meant in my house!! you know, living with kids they flush paper and are not really careful about that sort of thing, I was wondering more in terms of house ownership (rental) and avoiding frequent encounters with the plumbers.

Thank you for your answer and tip, though.

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