Gas vs. Electric

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So, Im re doing my place one room at a time and now it's come to the kitchen... I can't decide if I should use gas (that is what is currently installed) or switch to an electric glass top stove... any experiences and advice is very welcome...


Silentfire87 1456243219

well I'm no expert but I can tell you I hate gas stoves... they create this horrible greasy film over everything.. it's disgusting and if you have an open kitchen it'll get all over your furniture. It might be cheaper but for me it's not worth all the extra cleaning... plus the fear of a gas leak!

JenniferPR 1456245532

Do you know how much more expensive is one over the other?

Silentfire87 1456248935

I actually don't know what the exact difference is but everyone says gas is cheaper than electricity.. I do have gas for my washer and dryer and they work like a charm, maybe it's a matter or reaching a tradeoff...

Maria 1456300832

Hi Jennifer,

You can always call the experts for their opinion, here are a few



Doety1969 1456331227

I'm leaving this comment here just so I can follow the discussion! I think this is the kind of information I'll need when I'm looking for our place there

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