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Dear Forum, I’ve no clue how the Colombian housing market works: If I want to rent a flat, do I need an agency or is there a chance to find something in the open market? Also, how “tight” is the housing market in Bogota? Is it difficult to find something in general? Thanks, Daniel


Maria 1422771354

Hello Daniel,

Welcome to Bogota and welcome to the forum! We have a few great resources to help you out with your housing market questions:

1. Our Informations pages can tell you more about buying and renting homes in the city (How the process works)

2. For finding a flat you can contact an Estate Agent, we have a Business Directory category with English speaking agencies listed

3,You can also find listings in the "open market" as you called it, anything from signs on windows of apartments with a telephone number or online ads in property sites, we even have one here!


Good Luck!

Daniel-991632 1423145551

Dear Marie, thanks for welcoming me! Also thanks for your hints; I didn't know the information pages so far, in particular.

Best Daniel

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