Tugo furniture store

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What´s the deal with this store? It was recommended to me and all I see is an IKEA copycat with prices twice as high... why is there no actuall IKEA in Colombia?


Jules70-971308 1434558223

I had the same thought! one the good side, they assemble it for you so it kinda justifies the price but i'd rather visit one of the nicer furniture stores in the city, with things made of real beautiful wood...

Maria 1434678534

Hi guys,

We do have a list of furniture stores in our business directory, if you are looking for new recommendations.



JenniferPR 1436477491

There are two great areas for design furniture shopping in the city. It's really going to depend on your budget. I myself am in the middle of changing up my place since it seems me staying in bogota will be of a more permanent nature. I can recommend the 109 street form carrera 15 to 19, where Norberto hair salon is, they have everything furniture there nothing looks like out of ikea, specially prices. The other area is on carrera 9 around 79 street, by the Calle de Los anticuario, there are many furniture stores in the area with the nicest things.

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