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Dear all, I have been having severe problems with the wifi in my appartment. I guess it's because there are just too many wifis from the other flats nearby, so there's too much overlap. I wanted to change the channel of my wifi in the router, but if I understood my provider correctly that's not allowed. Any experiences with that problem?


Daniel-991632 1440924013

Hi Mandy, have you tried to use an ethernet cable? Maybe it's the Internet connection itself, not the wifi.


Mandy2014 1440927135

When I use the cable everything is fine. But I can't and don't want to use a cable. I want wifi and I think switching the channel would do a lot.

Daniel-991632 1440978271

Well, maybe you can move the router a bit closer to where you are when you're online, or you could even buy or own router so that you have full control over the channel. I think routers are not too expensive anymore.


Manta-10050180 1441022766

The concrete walls dont help, and it might be better to try to 'blacklist' the other sources so your kit doesnt try logging onto them.

I found the companies tell you a lot of BS, they tried to insist that I buy their 'software' to stop a similar tpe of issue when in actual fact the router itself was faulty (might be worth asking them that its giving you too many problems and demand a replacement).

It might be worth just changing the channel anyway (if the setup is not protected) and seeing how you go.  Just my opinion.

Mandy2014 1441027349

Thanks for the suggestions. But I think moving the router is not an option (the cable to the wall is only a meter or so). Maybe I'll buy a different model then.

Mandy2014 1441027492

@manta: That's exactly the problem ... there's no way for me to access the router's settings to change the channel.

Manta-10050180 1441099055

Another option is to buy a range extender plugged in via the electrical circuits (preferably if you can get someone bringing one from the US in terms of cost, alkosto do have a TP-link one for example 125k pesos each I think) or possible try an antenna booster on your laptop (although this may not be desired).  Otherwise there are other DIY methods such as changing antennas, modifying your antenna etc. on the internet which you may/may not want to try.

Mandy2014 1441105847

I googled the DIY approach to increase the performance of the wifi antenna - I'm afraid that it will look like I'm an alien or ufo hunter with all the tin foil around my router. But the range extenders seem to be a good idea. In the bedroom the wifi works, in the living room not so much, so an extender might actually fix the problem. I wasn't even aware that something like this exists, so thanks Manta!

Daniel-991632 1441234237

Also, sometimes microwaves and phones use a similar frequency and disturb the wifi signal, so you might want to make sure that you get those devices out of the way.


Spider-970682 1442250646

I have never had my microwave oven interfere with my internet... I have on the other hand had terrible experiences with customer support and Internet compankes In general... I'm just surprised the options are so limited here! There so few providers.... Have you considered a good data plan and a personal hotspot? I used one in Europe and it's great, you carry the wifi in your pocket


Maria 1442370355

Hi guys,

It is a shame that you eperience issues with your internet providers, that seems to be the effect of having only a few in the city. But as more players come into the market quality is bound to improve. Also you can always submit a complaint to the Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio if there is any serious issue with a company.



Luke29 1442936545

can you really get those personal hotspot things here? do youknow which provider?

Silentfire87 1443115447

My father in law has one from claro... he claims its 4G, i'm not sure 4G is even available in colombia, but it works well enough... it does need to be plugged into the wall or a computer for power but you can connect via wifi or usb

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