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(Changed this from a classified to discussion so people can reply) I was walking around and saw a mobile pet truck spa parked in front of a building near clinica reina sofia... sounded like a cool idea for my puppy... didn't get a chance to catch the name or phone number though... does anyone know it?

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Does anyone know if you can find flushable cat litter in Bogota? I’m fed up with trash bags and all the mess!

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Can anyone tell me about the animal situation in the country? Free range chicken, organic farms, sustainable fishing?

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Can anyone recommend a vet that does house calls? my usual guy is out of town and the cat won't go out! 

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I'm wondering what sort of flea/heartworm/sand fly/tick prevention is most commonly used here. If anyone who has a dog can let me know what your vet recommends, that would be super helpful. Thank you!

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So I just got this little puppy and I can't wait to start house training and walking him I just don't know if dog parks are safe here, are there rules about leashes or muzzles? will owners of agressive dogs be cautious about other dogs and people and lastly are there any poisonous/hazardous elements such as plants or sharp objects being left around? Thank you

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Hey guys, I'm looking for a puppy and was offered one at the flea market in usaquen yesterday, is that legal/safe? I don't know if it's a good idea please let me know thoughts/experiences?

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Guys, I'd love to volunteer some of my time to an animal shelter or organization for animal rights... I see all these strays and it breaks my heart. Does anyone know of one where I could do it? My spanish is not great so if people could speak in english it would be perfect

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Hi guys, to those of you who have pets, or know about the breeding situation, is it ok to get pure breed puppies here from a breeder? or are the conditions and guarantees too poor? I'm hoping to get a purebree rhodesian ridgeback but maybe could consider adopting if the conditions are not right here.

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So I'm going to spend the holidays in Cartagena and I can't leave my dog alone for so long, also I wouldn't want to. Does anyone know if Avianca let's you fly pets in national flights without pet passport and all that crazy paperwork?

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Hi  I wanted to ask if anyone knows how you are supposed to move houses with a grumpy old cat that never leaves. We Always had the ver come to take care of hin, he gets violent just gwtting to the door but we need to move out And take with us.  thank you caro

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Hello, I'm going overseas for two weeks and I'm looking for a daycare/hotel for my dog, any recommendations? Cheers

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