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(Changed this from a classified to discussion so people can reply) I was walking around and saw a mobile pet truck spa parked in front of a building near clinica reina sofia... sounded like a cool idea for my puppy... didn't get a chance to catch the name or phone number though... does anyone know it?


Maria 1455646173

Hi Sunny,

have you checked out our pets and animals section? you might find what you are loking for in there.



Silentfire87 1455652754

I keep running after the truck when I see it to try and catch the number on it, but it moves quick and the print is not too big... there are many different "brands" I think.. not only one...

Sunny60 1455715645

Yeah there is one I found before but they never have free appointments, super busy all the time... I'm waiting to see if another company has one and are willing to come and give my puppy a good wash... he loves to wait till I get him good and wet and then runs all over the house making everything dirty! and he's too strong for me to hold by now...

_Caro_ 1455798404

DO you think they'd do cats too? mine is a pain to wash and long light grey hair looks really dirty realy easy... I'm tired of ending up covered in scratches!

Sunny60 1455801843

They should... fur washing is fur washing ;)

_Caro_ 1455806490

you are right... please let me know if you get ahold of a good one!

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