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Guys do you know any restaurants / pubs that are going to air the superbowl?

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I was just in the coast for holidays and I kept thinking.... There must be sharks in the water... It's the Atlantic... Have there been any shark attacks in the Colombian coast? Any stories to share?

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Guys I was wondering that someone out there must have any previous experience with dance studios around the city. I want to start doing Dance again, but not a classic style. I was doing jazz, contemporary, lyrical and a bit of hip hop before coming here. Its a great and fun way to exercise. The thing is I don’t know which ones are the best places to do it here. I would love to hear your reviews on places and if you’ve had any previous good or bad experiences. Cheers!!

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Hi! Does anyone know about a good yoga center specialized in Kundalini style? 

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Hello everybody, has anybody a recommendation for a good spa, maybe around Usaquen? After so much work I feel like I would deserve a day of relaxation. I checked already the information pages, so I would appreciate personal recommendations. Thanks in advance!

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I just heard from a friend the other night that they don't sell alcohol in the soccer stadium. Is this true? it seems like a good idea, I haven't been but if the situation is rough and scary as they make it out to be in the media and stories people tell, it's probably for the best, but it seems odd given the importance of beer in colmbian soccer culture... How do you guys feel about it?

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I know bogota is far from the sea but is there a school that can get me a Colombian sailing accreditation?

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hello, can anyone please give me a recommendation of a bar or pub where I can (hopefully with other like minded people) watch rugby?  Thanks

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are there any cricket teams in the city? Is it a popular sport Here? Anyone keen to set something up?

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Does anyone have a recommendation on where to buy a decent priced threadmill? Ideally somewhere that delivers and installs  

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Does anyone know of a shop selling golfing equipment in the city north

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Hello, anyone here plays tennis doubles? the wife and I are looking for some other couple to play against. We play in El country sometimes.  

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Hiya! I would love to join an ultimate frisbee team in Bogota, I love it and I miss it very much.Any ideas where I can find one? 

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Hi! I am a keen climber and I want to know about the best places to go and climb and if there's any prior requirments to do so, don't know much people here that do it, so I dont have any reference point!

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