Adventure Sports

Boston Kitesurfing Club
Kite boarders and kite surfing offered.
Two levels of adventurous and challenging rope courses offered for children below 48".
Paddle Boston
Kayaking classes offered for sea and ocean kayaking and rough water kayak. Also offers canoeing classes.
Ohana New England Dragon
Boat club offers a wide range of boating experiences.
Skydive Pepperell
Specializes in tandem skydiving and accelerated freefall training for students. Also offers an indoor skydiving experience.
Rock Spot Climbing
Wide range of rock climbing experiences offered for individuals as well as groups. Also offers recreational youth programs and school vacation programs.
Room Escapers
Interactive adventures and thrilling escape rooms offered at two locations in Boston.
Rock On Adventure
Arena passes, part options, classes and skill camps offered.
Cloud9 Living
Offers a wide range of adventure activities, driving experiences, flying experiences and water activities.
Archery Games
Archery games provided for individuals and groups of all ages. Also offers archery equipments that include adult bow, junior bow, foam arrows, facemasks and armguards.