Books & Bookshops

Barbara's Bookstore
Full service book store specializes in books for teens, kids books, fiction and non fiction books.
Papercuts J.P.
Bookstore offers audio books and cutlass press books among others. 
Brookline Booksmith
Sells used books, kids books, gift cards and also organises events.  
Trident Booksellers and Cafe
Is a bookstore and cafe, offers audio books, gift cards, book boxes and displays information on upcoming books. 
I AM Books
Offers cookbooks, bilingual books, Italian books, journals, magazines and more. 
Rodney's Bookstore
Used bookstore including posters, greeting cards, masks, painting and knick-knacks. 
Bromer Booksellers
Children's books, printed books, illustrated books, miniature books and pop-up books.
Grolier Poetry Book Shop
Various poetry events, a wide collection of grolier press books, videos and more.
Brattle Book Shop
Offers used books, rare and antiquarian books. 
Barnes and Noble
Nook books, textbooks, teens and kids books, as also games and collectibles, gifts, movies DVD and music CD.