Car Dealers: Sales New & Used

Herb Chambers
Herb Chambers sell both used and new Cars and they also have Service Centers at Boston area. Vehicle like Cargo Van, convertible, Sedan, SUVs, Truck and many more are available here.
Boston Foreign Motor
Boston car dealer selling and buying Luxury used cars It is located in Allston, MA and offers car servicing as well. Financing Available. 
Fields Corner Auto Sales
They offered used cars, sedan and trucks of different companies. It is located at Dorchester and they also have finance option.
Avis Car Sales
AVIS selling used cars in the area of Boston and nearby places. They have different types of vehicles of companies like Nissan, Ford, Hyundai and many others.
Auto Gallery of Everett
They are dealing with used cars, Companies like Mercedes, Ford, Audi, BMW, Ford are available here. Also, finance is available.
A2Z Car Dealer
A2Z Car dealer sell used Cars, SUVs, Pickup trucks, Minibus, Hatchback and Convertibles of different companies like Ford, Honda, Nissan and many others. Financing is also available
Everett Used Cars
Everett selling pre-owned cars of the year 2007-2017 and at the different price ranges. Companies like Honda, Chevrolet, Ford, Hyundai, BMW, Nissan, and many others are available here.
Motor City
This company provides used car around the Boston City and financing is available on all cars. Companies like Hyundai, Toyota, Saturn, Mercedes and BMW are available here.
Boch New to You
They sell and buy used vehicle like Cars, Trucks and SUVs. Finance Services are available here. 
New Star Motors
They offer Pre-owned Cars of companies like Acura, Ford, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, and Mercedes. Finance and test drive are also available.
Dan O'Brien Kia Norwood
Boston car dealer selling new & used Kia cars. It is located in Norwood, MA and offers car servicing as well. Financing Available.