Churches, Religion & Spirituality

Oblates of the Virgin Mary
Spiritual guidance includes directions, retreats, sacraments, prayer and spiritual training.
St. Anthony Shrine
Catholic community church conducts masses, worship, confession and organises various support groups.
Old South Church in Boston
Conducts services for worship, music, justice, learning and faith.
First Church Boston
Located on Marlborough St, the church offers services for worship, and organises social and community events. 
Center for Spiritual Living Greater Boston
Specializes in spiritual education, prayer, classes and arranges events.  
Park Street Church
Church offers worship, prayer, weddings and events. Located in Park St, Boston.
Emmanuel Church
Based in Boston serving worship, events, music and weddings.  
Trinity Church Boston
Conducts services for worship, holy baptism, weddings, funerals, food for homeless, economy and social justice and education. 
The Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism
Church services include meditation, healing, inspirational music and spiritual talks with classes and special events.
Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston
Spirituality, justice and peace, prayer and events.