Computer Repairs, Maintenance & Components

Gini Techs
Computer repair, recovery, network and maintenance services.
WangPC Computer Service
Computer and laptop repair, networking solutions, data recovery and transfer, system upgrade solutions and service contracts.
Geek Choice
Home computer services, business services and data backup.
Computer Domain
Offers home and business services with data recovery solutions.
Summit Electronics
Specializes in computer and laptop repair, including game systems, TV, scratched CD's and disk repairs.
EJC Comptech
Licensed and insured computer repair, resale, software and networking services.
Everett Computer Repair
Computer and PC repairs and home and business networking solutions.
Back Bay Computer
Provides computer, smartphone, Ipad and tablet repair services. 
Full service laptop, desktop repair, data recovery and transfer, installation, virus removal, networking and back up services.
APC Integrated
Full service computer, mobile and apple repair, networking, data backup and recovery, virus removal and IT solutions.