Driving Schools, Instructors & Lessons

Friendship Auto School
Full service driving school with services in locations of Somerville, Medford, Arlington and other parts of Boston.
A-L&L Driving Academy
Full service driving school serving classes for age 16 to adult.
Parkway Driving School
Offers adult and teen driving classes including road tests.
Success Driving School
Specializes in providing one-on-one training and teenager driving courses.
ADP Auto School
ADP offers driver education, road tests and road lessons. It offers various packages. It is located in Greater Boston and has 70 years of experience.
Brookline Driving School
Licensed driving school  provides adult driver training, driver's education courses and road tests.
Metro Boston Driving School
Boston based driving school provides driver training and classroom instruction.
Safety Auto School
Licensed driving school offers full-time and part-time instructors including road tests.
Victory Driving School
Conducts one-on-one training, road tests, driver's education programs with pick-up and drop-off in Quincy and entire area of Boston.
Shammah Driving School
Provides adult and teen driving classes with driving tests.