Funeral Homes & Undertakers

Riley-Antoine Funeral Home
Provides funeral services and pre-arrangements services in Boston and surrounding areas.
Ruggiero Family Memorial Home
Cremation, memorial services, international shipping services and services for veterans.
Casper Funeral and Cremation Services
Provides cremation, funeral and veteran services also services international funeral shipping and arranges funeral forms.
Davis Funeral Home
A wide range of funeral services with pre-arrangements and forms.
O'Brien Funeral Home
Funerals, memorial services, burial, cremation and veterans services. Also offer prayer cards, pre-arrangements and forms. 
Keefe Funeral Home
Serving funeral, cremation, memorial, veteran and ash scattering services, with grief support, pre-arrangement and funeral products.
Faggas Funeral Home
A family owned funeral home conducts cremation, burial, domestic and international repatriation services with grief support.
WM. F. Spencer Funeral Service
Funeral, cremation and veterans services including pre-arrangements and forms.
DeVito Funeral homes and Cremation
Offers funeral, cremation, memorial, veteran, ash scattering and meaningful services, as also funeral products, church materials, pre-arrangements, grief support and guidance.
Floyd A. Williams Funeral Home, Inc.
Specializes in funeral services with pre-arrangement and pre-planning services.