Translators & Interpreters

Real World Translations
Translation and interpretation services in all languages and for various sectors of industry.
Medical, business, multimedia, educational, technical translations and  conference interpreting services.
Day Translations
Company provides translation, transcription and interpreting services for many industries.
Translators USA
Offers translation, interpreting, transcription, audio visual and voice over services. 
International Translation Company
Services for interpreting, translation of over 30 languages and interpreter training.
Universal Translation Services
Specializes in translation services, business translation, website translation and telephonic interpreting services.
Powerling provides translation, localization, interpreting, desktop publishing and multimedia translation services.
Localization LLC
Full service translation and interpreting services for several industrial sectors.
Language Connections
Translation, interpreting and transcription services in many languages all over the world. They also offer language and interpreter training. 
Global Link Language Services
Translation services in over 150 languages including interpreting, localization and multilingual copy writing services.