Walking, Hiking & Climbing

Hammond Pond Reservation
Canoeing and kayaking, hiking, fishing, rock climbing and cross-country skiing offered.
Alewife Brook Reservation
Activities offered include hiking, walking and running, fishing and tennis.
Appalachian Mountain Club
The club offers facilities to adults as well as juniors who wish to go hiking, mountain climbing  and walking.
Boston Harbor Islands
Offers camping and park facilities, hiking trails, walking trails as well as beaches.
Stony Brook Reservation
Fishing, hiking, walking and a range of other activities offered.
Urban Outdoors Association
Provides a wide range of hiking adventures for both children as well as parents.
Belle Isle Marsh Reservation
Specializes in a wide variety of hiking trails.
Wilson Mountain Reservation
Range of activities offered that include walking, hiking and fishing.
The Trustees of Reservations
Offers parks, community gardens and more with beautiful sceneries for people to walk and go hiking.
Middlesex Fells Reservation
Offers a wide range of scenic areas for people to enjoy a day-out with hiking, walking, boating and mountain biking.