skin care routine

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Karen Bell



How do you look after your skin? Do you have a lot of skincare products, or is it enough for you to use only one cream and lotion?


Jacob Moreno 1582756494

Mine routine is simple, but still, I dedicate some time to it. I have only two products I use daily, but it's enough to keep my skin in a good and healthy condition. The first product - after shaving balm. I think that there is no need to explain why I use it.
The second product I use-
retinol for men. My girlfriend gifted it to me, and firstly, I was skeptical about it, but in a week of using it, I saw how my face skin condition changed. The skin became much softer, clear, and tone normalized. What is more, it helps to prevent wrinkles, is cruelty-free, and suitable for all skin types.

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