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Need help

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I’m in college at the moment and want to go into engineering, one of the engineering programs my college offers is electronics engineering. I read on a sub that electronics engineering isn’t really engineering. What does that mean? It terms of courses, jobs and other engineers view of it?

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Hey, guys! Eco-friendly lifestyles become more and more popular nowadays. It's a well-known fact that it positively affects not only our health but also planet. What do you think about it? Do you try to live that way?It's not only about eating healthy but also wearing organic and natural clothes, use stuff made from natural materials, etc.So, what about you?

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Which way the best to travel?

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What is the best free anti-malware software? What do you use?

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If you have a choice, where would you buy property, and why?

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Google Translator sometimes can provide a not correct translation. If you need help with Dutch words, I can recommend you this bilingual dictionary https://tr-ex.me/translation/dutch-english/, where you can translate any word. What is more, there will also be many examples of its' usage, so you can see how you can use it correctly, for example, when you have to write a sentence. I study Dutch, and that dictionary helps a lot.

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Wow, thanks for the useful link! I enjoy using this file manager, easy and fully functional!

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One thing is certain: you need to be able to rely on your motors. They convert electrical energy into mechanical movement and are therefore the central component in your machine. Since they play such an important role, Eltra Trade offers you motors with optimum drive options and application-oriented functions. You can buy motors by reliable brand here: https://eltra-trade.com/catalog/lenze-motors for € 1035.36

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