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Hello everyone) I want to go on holiday for the New Year. Where can I buy cheap flights?

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Hello everybody! I have business in the Philippines and plan to spend almost two summer months there. What is the most popular sport there? I preferred baseball at home. But I guess I won't have much choice there. What can you say?

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What is your favorite sport game? How often do you watch matches?

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What sport games are the most interesting for you? What do you like to play or watch?

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Do you watch soccer? What is your favorite championship? Let's share!

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What sport do you play to keep fit?

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Is it real to predict volleyball matches? I want to try to make bets on this game. Did you have such experience?

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What is the best fishing rod and reel combo for beginner? How much it will cost?

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Hi guys, tell me where is the best place to buy gold for Warcraft?

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Where and what souvenirs do you get?

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